Battlefield 3 Release Dates - Xbox 360

Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 was released on Tuesday 25 October 2011. You can now play Battlefield 3 on your Xbox 360 in the USA. View below for more Battlefield 3 release date details.
Release Date News
Sony's Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Release Da...
DICE responds to "leaked" Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand release date on Sony's PlayStation Store.
1065 days 13 hours ago | News | lifesanrpg | PC
Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Release Date Rev...
"We have stumbled across some big news if you are a Battlefield 3 player in need of a Back to Karkand release date."
1065 days 17 hours ago | Rumor | millertime440 | PC
BF3 – DICE on Vehicle Balance, Back to Karkand ...
MP1st - DICE looks to fans for feedback on vehicle balancing while a possible Back to Karkand release date may have been revealed.
1065 days 18 hours ago | News | Mister_V | PC
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2011 Gaming Industry Review: The Year of Botche...
“The Year of the Threequal”, “The Biggest Lineup Ever”, however you choose to remember 2011, there is one thing that shouldn't be ignored: the abun...
1072 days 18 hours ago | Article | DarkBlade4658 | PC
BF3: Post-Launch Developer Q&A
DICE speaks out about Battlefield 3 future patches, IRNV scope nerf, and more.
1078 days 13 hours ago | Interview | tim440 | PC
Battlefield 3 Patch Fixlist Could Come This Wee...
It's been a little over a month now since the launch of DICE's Battlefield 3. Since its release Battlefield 3 has seen 5 million players come to e...
1079 days 16 hours ago | News | VitoGesualdi | PC
EA Left Me Disappointed at Modern Warfare 3 Launch
So I went down to the official Modern Warfare 3 launch in London (Oxford Street) on Monday evening, and to be fair Activision and Microsoft put on ...
1084 days 20 hours ago | Article | rph105 | Xbox 360
K.D.R. Podcast Ep.1 | Battlefield 3 Release | M...
On this episode of the KDR Podcast, Burlo, Beast and James discuss the recent release of Battlefield 3 and look ahead to Call of Duty: Modern Warfa...
1085 days 23 hours ago | Podcast | StoneySweatLeafs | PC
Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Screens Released
Electronic Arts has released today, a batch of new screens of the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 3.
1086 days 20 hours ago | News | TheBeast | PC
New Battlefield 3 T-Shirt Range Launched
Following the successful launch of Battlefield 3, Electronic Arts and DICE has launched two new t-shirts themed on the videogame. The striking desi...
1086 days 22 hours ago | News | kevco33 | PC
TheSixthAxis Talks #6: GTAV, Launch Issues, Nin...
In this week's edition, TheSixthAxis staff discuss GTAV, the launch issues that seem to plague modern games and Nintendo's recent financial losses.
1093 days 19 hours ago | Article | Raen | Industry
OXM: Battlefield 3 bugs: a launch survival guide
OXM UK: "Battlefield 3 has been out for a whole weekend, and as seems to be the norm where big budget online shooters are concerned, there are a fe...
1094 days 22 hours ago | Article | dirigiblebill | PC
Akihabara Shopping: Cool Releases In Japan 10/3...
Giuseppe Nelva of carries on with his weekly column on cool videogame releases in Japan. This week he goes on an almost heretical ...
1095 days 8 hours ago | Article | Abriael | PC
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Release Date Changes
The release date has changed from October 2011 to Thursday 27 October 2011. 1184d 7h ago
The release date has been confirmed to be Friday 28 October 2011. 1228d 22h ago
The release date has been confirmed to be October 2011. 1228d 22h ago
The release date has been confirmed to be Tuesday 25 October 2011. 1228d 22h ago
The release date is expected to be 2011. 1493d 17h ago
The release date is expected to be 2011. 1493d 17h ago
The release date is expected to be 2011. 1493d 17h ago
The release date is expected to be 2011. 1493d 17h ago

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