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We do not yet have a USA release date for Bayonetta 2 on PS-Vita. If you know what the Bayonetta 2 release date will be. We would appriciate it very much if you submitted the Bayonetta 2 release date to us by clicking the submit date link below.
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Pre-Order Bayonetta 2 And Receive A 10$ Gift Ca...
Pre-ordering Bayonetta 2 from Newegg will allow customes to receive a $10 gift card
35 days 9 hours ago | News | TetsujinFranky | Wii U
10 Must Buy Wii U Releases in 2014
Iran White writes: 2013, at least for the first 2/3 of it was a rough one for many Wii U owners. For much of the year there just weren’t a whole...
108 days 9 hours ago | Opinion piece | TruthbeTold | Wii U
Bayonetta 2 Gameplay & Details; Coming out in 2014
Nintendo has released via its Nintendo Direct a few seconds pf gameplay footage, alongside a few details from the upcoming Bayonetta 2.
312 days 15 hours ago | News | vlad94pintea | Wii U
Get a dream job as a video game designer
Study video game design and start a career in the video game industry. Learn more from some of the nation’s leading schools and colleges.
The biggest game releases of 2013
The GamesBeat staff chimes in with their predictions for the most notable games of 2013.
438 days 7 hours ago | Opinion piece | Tolkoto | PC
First Bayonetta 2 video released
Watch the Bayonetta 2 development team in action as they bring us up to speed on the game.
451 days 15 hours ago | Video | _gray_fox | Wii U
2013 Release Calendar: A Year's Worth of Gaming...
This slightly biased list breaks down the biggest video game releases of the coming year month by month so that you know exactly where to spend and...
472 days 18 hours ago | Opinion piece | VikingDaddy | PC
2013 preview: The 15 big Wii U games of next year
CVG: You'd be forgiven some hesitation towards the Wii U launch line-up - if New Super Mario Bros. and ports of AAA-titles from other platforms are...
477 days 12 hours ago | Opinion piece | Nineball2112 | Wii U
Bayonetta 2 News Coming Next Week
Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games game designer, has confirmed on Twitter that we should expect to get more information about Wii U exclusive Bayonetta...
531 days 15 hours ago | News | Pozzle | Wii U
Diehard GameFAN: The Wii U Launch Titles We’re ...
DHGF: We’re a month away from the release of Nintendo’s newest console – the Wii U. Of course the most important part of a new system’s release are...
548 days 17 hours ago | Article | Lucario | Wii U
Wii U Launch Date, Bundles, Nintendo TVii, Newl...
Nintendo finally spills all the beans, and here's what we have to say about it...
583 days 10 hours ago | Opinion piece | Jackhass | Wii U
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