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We do not yet have a USA release date for Battlefield 3 on PS-Vita. If you know what the Battlefield 3 release date will be. We would appriciate it very much if you submitted the Battlefield 3 release date to us by clicking the submit date link below.
Release Date News
New Battlefield 3 T-Shirt Range Launched
Following the successful launch of Battlefield 3, Electronic Arts and DICE has launched two new t-shirts themed on the videogame. The striking desi...
897 days 23 hours ago | News | kevco33 | PC
Battlefield 3 midnight launch event South Africa
ITF Gaming took a trip to BT Games in East Rand Mall, Johannesburg to check out what was happening at the midnight launch event for Battlefield 3.
908 days 5 hours ago | Video | ITFGaming | PC
Neocrisis: Gamestop Battlefield 3 Midnight Launch
Neocrisis: I just got my copy of Battlefield 3 and have uploaded a few videos from the launch.
912 days 6 hours ago | Video | jazzking2001 | PC
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BF3 Open Beta + Release Countdown
Here is a page that shows a per second countdown of the BF3 Open Beta Launch and the Final Release.
946 days 1 hour ago | News | Stadler | PC
Pre-Ordering Battlefield 3 on Origin Gets You a...
GamerFeed: "Battlefield 3 may be a much anticipated game and the only FPS on the planet with even a slim chance of dethroning Call of Duty, but rec...
982 days 15 hours ago | News | Rrobba | PC
Battlefield 3 US pre-order bonuses revealed
Battlefield 3 pre-order bonuses for Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop have been revealed.
996 days 15 hours ago | News | Rearden | PC
Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial FAQ launches, no keys...
SystemLink: "Everyone wants in to the Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial. Fun, friends, and lawsuits. Could a special, glowing key be sitting in your inbox ...
1008 days 20 hours ago | News | PhilipLarkin | PC
New Battlefield 3 information - limited destruc...
SystemLink: "Don't Revive Me Bro had a live podcast interview with Daniel Matros, Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE. Here are the key qu...
1023 days 12 hours ago | News | PhilipLarkin | PC
Battleblog #2 Presenting All Pre-Order Bonus It...
There are a number of pre-order offers for Battlefield 3 available now or soon to be available.
1027 days 15 hours ago | News | callmedom94 | PC
Battlefield 3 Australian Release Date
Battlefield 3 Australian Release Date set for October 27, 2011. This is 2 days after the North American Release and 1 day before the UK release.
1038 days 18 hours ago | News | callmedom94 | PC
Battlefield 3 European Release Date
Battlefield 3 Release Date in Europe to be October 28th. This is 3 days after the North American Release.
1040 days 10 hours ago | News | callmedom94 | PC
Battlefield 3 Back To Karkand Available For One...
Game.Fr reveals that "For players who do not pre-order the limited edition, the contents of the pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand will be availab...
1043 days 6 hours ago | News | callmedom94 | PC
There Are No ‘Exclusive Pre-Order Bonuses’ For ...
It appears that DICE and EA have joined in on the ridiculous nickel and dime schemes for the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 and have announced th...
1046 days 9 hours ago | Opinion piece | StickTwiddlers | PC
Amazon Offering 99 Cent Release-Date Delivery F...
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition from Amazon has a Release-Date Delivery all for 99 cents.
1046 days 11 hours ago | News | callmedom94 | PC
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare...
Players can storm the battlefield armed with powerful weapons and items only available in the Physical Warfare Pack including the Type 88 light mac...
1046 days 22 hours ago | News | fluffydelusions | PC
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