Watch Dogs Release Dates - PS3

Watch Dogs on PS3 has a confirmed release date on Tuesday 27 May 2014. It is 38 days left until you can play Watch Dogs on your PS3 in the USA. View below for more Watch Dogs release date details.
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Top 5 Reasons For The PS4 Launch Title Delays
Pokemon, police and "pulling a Half-Life 3". These are just 3 of the 5 possibilities StickTwiddlers have come up with for the reasons Watch Dogs an...
178 days 10 hours ago | Opinion piece | StickTwiddlers | PS4
How to spend your time before the Watch Dogs re...
GameSpace: "Yesterday we reported that Watch Dogs release date is delayed until the next year, and if you were dreaming about this game, now you ha...
183 days 5 hours ago | Article | huchonok | PC
No Real Names for Xbox One at Launch - IGN Dail...
Microsoft delays an Xbox One feature, Ubisoft's CEO talks about Watch Dogs' future, a retailer update on next-gen Watch Dogs bundles, and Deals of ...
183 days 9 hours ago | Videocast | s8anicslayer | PC
Get a dream job as a video game designer
Study video game design and start a career in the video game industry. Learn more from some of the nation’s leading schools and colleges.
Solution For Watch Dogs Pre-Ordered Bundles
Angie Santiago from SpawnFirst reports on Gamestop and Amazon updates: "In a report on Forbes, it was confirmed that those who pre-ordered the Watc...
183 days 16 hours ago | News | karamsoul | Xbox 360
Those Launch Window Blues
This week, the gaming industry got a surprising reminder that even though the most exciting time for gamers is when a new console debuts, that’s no...
183 days 22 hours ago | Opinion piece | CGMagazine | PS4
Retailer Game Updates Customers on Watch Dogs P...
UK Retailer Game updates customers with new information about their Watch Dogs pre-orders.
184 days 5 hours ago | News | adnanriazVGUTV | PC
Will The Watch Dogs Delay Affect PS4 Launch Sales?
Ubisoft have announced that Watch Dogs has been delayed until Spring 2014 but how will this affect PS4 launch sales?
184 days 6 hours ago | Opinion piece | StickTwiddlers | PC
Why I Wouldn't Buy An Xbox One Or PS4 At Launch
VideoGamer: "The next-generation is an exciting time for us all. It's an event that doesn't come along that often, and the respective release dates...
190 days 11 hours ago | Opinion piece | smiller1 | PS4
‘Watch Dogs’ PS3 system bundle pack shot, price...
The official pack shot, along with several release details, have been revealed by Amazon France for the Playstation 3 system bundle featuring “Watc...
206 days 22 hours ago | News | SpaceSquirrel | PS3
Watch Dogs TGS 2013 Cutscene & Trailers Released
During TGS 2013, Ubisoft released a cutscene for Watch Dogs, that shows a conversation between protagonist, Aiden Pearce and business contact, Jord...
209 days 5 hours ago | News | mattyblog | PC
Watch Dogs TGS 2013 Stage Presentation Released
Jonathon Morin, the Creative Director on Watch Dogs at Ubisoft Montreal took to the stage at Sony's PlayStation Asia Conference at TGS 2013 yesterd...
210 days ago | News | mattyblog | PS3
Ubisoft Explains Hacking and the Hurdles of Lau...
AusGamers recently interviewed Watch Dogs senior producer Dominic Guay who spoke at length about the tribulations with bringing a new IP into the f...
225 days 21 hours ago | Interview | billythepunk | PC
14 Minute Watch Dogs Demo Video Released
Ubisoft has released a brand new 14 minute video of Watch Dogs
226 days 7 hours ago | Video | Plambey | PC
Watch Dogs & Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag PSN...
Pre-order options for Watch Dogs & Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag have been added today as part of this week's US PlayStation Store update.
226 days 11 hours ago | News | Kayant | PS3
Tons of Holiday 2013 PS3 Releases Going up for ...
Taking a lot of guessing out of the way, Sony has announced that a whole bunch of upcoming PlayStation 3 titles will be going up for pre-order star...
230 days 23 hours ago | News | doctorstrange | PS3
Watch Dogs - Honored Trailer Released, Looks Wa...
DSOGaming writes: "Ubisoft has released yet another trailer for its upcoming sandbox title, Watch Dogs. This new trailer, called 'Honored', looks w...
260 days 6 hours ago | Trailer | john2 | PC
Watch Dogs: Ubisoft Launches Creepy Viral Website
Ubisoft has launched a new website, We Are Data, to promote Watch Dogs. It kind of creeps me out a little, wouldn't you agree?
295 days 4 hours ago | News | Awolvie | Xbox 360
Watch Dogs Live App Teaser Released
Alive Game Zone - A new teaser trailer for a smartphone app which is based on Ubisoft’s most anticipated game of this year, Watch_Dogs has been rel...
304 days 3 hours ago | Video | alivegamezone | PC
One Brand New Watch Dogs Screen Released
Brand new screenshots of Ubisoft's upcoming open world game "Watch Dogs" has been released. Take a look.
320 days 5 hours ago | Image | Raiz | PC
Amazon, GameStop giving out unlockable content ...
If you pre-order Watch_Dogs from either Amazon or GameStop, you’ll receive an extra piece of bonus DLC.
333 days 6 hours ago | News | Valay | PC
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Release Date Changes
The release date has changed from Q2 2014 to Tuesday 27 May 2014. 43d 8h ago
The release date has changed from Q2 2014 to Tuesday 27 May 2014. 43d 8h ago
The release date has changed from Q2 2014 to Tuesday 27 May 2014. 43d 8h ago
The release date is confirmed to be Q2 2014. 129d 8h ago
The release date is confirmed to be Q2 2014. 129d 8h ago
The release date has changed from Tuesday 31 December 2013 to Q2 2014. 129d 8h ago
The release date is confirmed to be Tuesday 31 December 2013. 412d 13h ago

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