Sonic Generations Release Dates - PS3

Sonic Generations on PS3 was released on Friday 04 November 2011. You can now play Sonic Generations on your PS3 in the USA. View below for more Sonic Generations release date details.
Release Date News
Games Launching In The US Today That Might Draw...
Games like Sonic Generation and The Lord of The Rings: War In The North could very well have great receptions due to their classics and iconic char...
1063 days 23 hours ago | Article | Shadowolf | PC
Icrontic: New Releases for the Week of Stretche...
Icrontic's flexible CB Droege brings this week's interesting releases in gaming: Sonic Generations, Golden Eye 007: Reloaded, Twister Mania, and th...
1064 days 22 hours ago | Article | primesuspect | PC Sonic Gerations Launch Trailer an...
It's finally here... and SEGA does a little charity work to celebrate.
1065 days 6 hours ago | News | PJF_Josh | PS3
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Sonic Generations Launch Trailer Speeds By!
Our favourite blue-hued spiny mammal is poised for a long overdue comeback next week with Sonic Generations, and SEGA have released a launch traile...
1065 days 6 hours ago | News | WhiteSpyderZero | PC
Sonic Generations Launch Trailer (HD 720p)
@Ve3tro: "Sega has just put out the launch trailer for Sonic Generations."
1066 days 4 hours ago | Trailer | Ve3tro | Xbox 360
New Releases for the Week of October 30th-Novem...
Undoubtedly, the sheer number of new game releases this week’s is daunting. Yet remove the imminent clearance-bin filler (surely, the world isn’t r...
1068 days 20 hours ago | News | madmad | Nintendo DS
Sonic Generations most preordered title in seri...
Sega has sent out a short but sweet press note that Sonic Generations has become the most pre-ordered game in the series history, which debuted in ...
1070 days 5 hours ago | News | JonahFalcon | PC
Sonic Generations Screens Released
SEGA has released today, Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 and 3DS screens of the upcoming game "Sonic Generations".
1073 days 6 hours ago | News | TheBeast | Xbox 360
Sonic Generations - Modern Trailer Released
Sega have released the third trailer in their era series, showcasing levels from the modern age of Sonic's adventures.
1089 days 18 hours ago | Trailer | TomInc | Xbox 360
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Release Date Changes
The release date is confirmed to be Friday 04 November 2011. 1114d 13h ago
The release date is confirmed to be Friday 04 November 2011. 1114d 13h ago
The release date has been confirmed to be Friday 04 November 2011. 1114d 13h ago
The release date is expected to be Tuesday 22 November 2011. 1211d 9h ago

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