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The Last Guardian Release Dates - PS3

The Last Guardian on PS3 was released on Monday 31 December 2012. You can now play The Last Guardian on your PS3 in the USA. View below for more The Last Guardian release date details.
Release Date News
The Last Guardian News and Release Date May Be ...
As we already mentioned yesterday the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu just published a sizable article titled “The Truth on 2014′s Rumors,” and th...
324 days 9 hours ago | News | Abriael | PS3
Pre Order Number for Week Ending 9/28/2013
Insight into current and next gen preorders one week after GTA V launches. Games launching this week include: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Wa...
512 days 22 hours ago | Rumor | Eonjay | Wii
‘The Last Guardian’ pre-order discounted on Newegg
No release date has been given for The Last Guardian and Newegg’s listing contains the common placeholder date of December 31, but a discount is av...
591 days 22 hours ago | News | Lionheart377 | PS3
Get a dream job as a video game designer
Study video game design and start a career in the video game industry. Learn more from some of the nation’s leading schools and colleges.
10 PS3 Exclusives That Are Yet To Be Released
GamingBolt: ''The Last generation of PS3 games is upon us. With the PS4 hitting shelves sometime in November there really aren’t going to be too ma...
595 days 23 hours ago | Opinion piece | Gekko | PS3
The Last Guardian Will Release Someday And It'l...
In this week's Default Settings column, writer Alex Carlson yearns for the artistic majesty of The Last Guardian and explains why The Last Guardian...
625 days 15 hours ago | Opinion piece | SpiralTear | PS3
The Last Guardian Listed by Major Retailer for ...
A major retailer in Portugal has listed The Last Guardian for a 2013 release.
634 days 4 hours ago | News | Smurf1 | PS3
The ideal launch titles for the Playstation 4 "Way back in 2006-2007, the Playstation 3 didn't have the greatest launch titles. It's clear standout, Resistance: Fall of Man, was an ab...
742 days 15 hours ago | Opinion piece | Tyrus_91 | PS4
Top 4 PS4 Launch Games | BootHammer
"Join BootHammer as we take a look at our Top 4 PS4 Launch Games. The internet and media is ablaze with the almost but promised announcement of the...
744 days 3 hours ago | Opinion piece | BootHammer | PS4
8 Games You Shouldn't Expect to Release in 2013
2013 has just begun, and you might have started planning and making list of games you will buying this year. But wait guys don't be in too much hur...
761 days ago | Opinion piece | Raiz | PC
2013 Release Calendar: A Year's Worth of Gaming...
This slightly biased list breaks down the biggest video game releases of the coming year month by month so that you know exactly where to spend and...
787 days 6 hours ago | Opinion piece | VikingDaddy | PC
Lost And Found In 2013: 10 Missing In Action Ga...
Anthony John Agnello: Don’t believe the haters—2012 was a fantastic year in video games. From indies like FTL: Faster Than Light to surprise und...
789 days 23 hours ago | Opinion piece | Gekko | PC
Cardinal Releases: Final Fantasy Versus XIII an...
Two long-concealed projects that need to see daylight.
843 days 13 hours ago | Opinion piece | KyKnow | PS3
Could The Last Guardian End Up Being A PS4 Laun...
It seems The Last Guardian has been delayed again, this time into 2014. If the project still exists, isn't there a good chance it winds up on the PS4?
862 days 14 hours ago | Opinion piece | fathoms | Next-Gen
Should Sony Release The Last Guardian On The PS4?
GOS: "The Last Guardian was first revealed in 2008, and the project is running at seven years if you add the assumption that Team ICO started devel...
949 days 17 hours ago | Opinion piece | Citizen_King | PS3
Seven Games the PlayStation 4 Needs at Launch
StickSkills said, "Microsoft’s future console has captured quite enough of the spotlight for now, so it’s time to look at Sony’s recipe for success...
978 days 1 hour ago | Opinion piece | Lionheart377 | Industry
The Last Guardian Gets A 2025 Release Date From...
In one of the funnier retailer release date posts, Target has placed a date on The Last Guardian that suggest it is more than a decade away.
1018 days ago | News | TrendyGamers | PS3
The Clock is Ticking: 5 Games That Need a Relea...
GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes: This console generation is quickly approaching its expiration date. Every post 2013 PS3 & Xbox 360 game will ha...
1042 days ago | Opinion piece | DeeZee | Xbox 360
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