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We do not yet have a USA release date for Resident Evil 4 on PS3. If you know what the Resident Evil 4 release date will be. We would appriciate it very much if you submitted the Resident Evil 4 release date to us by clicking the submit date link below.
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Resident Evil 4 HD launch trailer
Capcom released the launch trailer for Resident Evil 4 HD.
940 days 16 hours ago | Trailer | Valay | Xbox 360
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RipTen: Lancers are revving, brumacks are stomping and the Coletrain is ready to roll baby with the release of Gears 3!
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Capcom Explains Why Resident Evil 4 & Code Vero...
Capcom has issued a statement concerning a retail release of the two HD Resident Evil titles.
995 days 3 hours ago | News | MattyF | Xbox 360
Capcom explains western digi-release for Reside...
Capcom is hoping that opting for digital releases of both Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X will lower the entry point for consumers.
1020 days 16 hours ago | News | CranberryPub | Xbox 360
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