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Games : PC : "X"
Game Title Platform Release Dates Review
USA Europe Australia Japan Score
X PC          
X Motor Racing PC          
X Rebirth PC 19 Nov 2013 15 Nov 2013 15 Nov 2013 15 Nov 2013  
X Rocker II PC          
X-Blades PC 10 Feb 2009 28 Jan 2009     5.3
X-Com PC 06 Mar 2012        
X-COM Collection PC         9.0
x-com enemy within PC         9.0
X-COM: Enemy Unknown PC         9.2
X-COM: Terror from the Deep PC          
X-Men Legends II PC          
X-Men Origins: Wolverine PC 01 May 2009 01 May 2009 29 Apr 2009   7.5
X-Men VR PC          
X-men: Destiny PC         5.9
X-note PC          
X-OOM Media Centre PC          
X-Plane PC         10.0
X-Plane 10 PC          
X-Plane 9 PC          
X-Tactics PC          
X-Wing PC          
X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter PC          
X³: Gold Edition PC          
X3: Albion Prelude PC         8.0
X3: Gold PC 12 Nov 2009        
X3: Reunion PC          
X3: Terran Conflict PC 07 Apr 2009 17 Oct 2008 23 Oct 2008   7.7
X3: Terran Conflict 2.0 - The Aldrin Missions PC         8.0
X7 F3 Gaming Mouse PC         8.0
Xanxillium PC          
Xblaze PC          
Xbox Live PC         7.8
Xbox LIVE PC         8.0
Xbox Live MyStats PC          
Xbox Video PC          
XCOM 2 PC          
XCOM Enemy Unknown The Complete Edition PC          
XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC 09 Oct 2012 12 Oct 2012 12 Oct 2012   8.9
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2 PC          
XCOM: Enemy Unknown-Elite Edition PC         8.0
XCOM: Enemy Within PC         8.8
Xeko PC          
Xenjo Online PC          
Xeno Galaxies PC          
Xeno Quest PC          
xenocell PC          
XenoClash PC          
Xenogears PC          
Xenonauts PC          
XenoRaptor PC          
Xenosquad PC          
Xeodrift: Special Edition PC          
Xeodrifter PC         7.1
Xeodrifter: Special Edition PC          
Xevicom Unlimited PC          
XField Paintball 2 PC          
Xi You 3 PC          
Xiah: Rebirth PC          
XII ZEAL PC          
XIII PC          
XIII Century: Blood of Europe PC         6.5
XIII Century: Death or Glory PC 12 Mar 2008 2007     7.1
XIII: Lost Identity PC          
XIIZEAL PC         7.5
XING: The Land Beyond PC          
XIO PC          
XO PC          
XomB PC          
Xonotic PC          
XOP Black Ultra PC          
XOP Ultra PC          
Xotic PC         6.2
Xpand Rally Xtreme PC          
Xsyon PC 15 Aug 2010        
xtion PC          
Xuan Yuan Jian PC          
XViREnt PC          
Xyson PC