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Games : PC : "V"
Game Title Platform Release Dates Review
USA Europe Australia Japan Score
V-Moda Crossfade M-100 PC          
V.E.C.T. PC          
V.Next PC          
V1 Championship PC          
V8 Superstars: Next Challenge PC         6.4
VA-11 HALL-A PC          
Vaan Online 2 PC          
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger PC         6.0
Vacation Mogul PC         8.0
Vacation Quest - Australia PC         7.3
Vagante PC         6.3
Vagrant Hearts 2 PC          
Val d'Isere Ski Park Manager PC          
Val’Gor: The Beginning PC          
Valcarta PC          
Valcarta I: Rise of the Demon PC         5.0
Valdis Story: Abyssal City PC         8.0
Valerie Porter and the Scarlet Scandal PC         8.0
Valhalla Hills PC          
Valiance Online PC          
Valiant PC          
Valiant Hearts PC         8.6
Valiant Hearts: The Great War PC 25 Jun 2014 25 Jun 2014 25 Jun 2014   8.3
Valkyria Chronicles PC         8.8
Valkyria Chronicles Duel PC          
Valkyrie Drive: Siren PC          
Valkyrie Sky PC         5.0
Valkyrie Svia PC          
Valkyrius PC         10.0
valley 2 PC          
Valor Seed PC          
Vampire Brides - Love Over Death PC          
Vampire Hunters PC         4.0
Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisolova PC         7.5
Vampire Legends: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bathory PC         8.0
Vampire Mansions: A Linda Hyde Myster PC          
Vampire Mansions: A Linda Hyde Mystery PC          
Vampire Quest PC          
Vampire Rain PC          
Vampire Saga: Breakout PC          
Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box PC         8.0
Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock PC         6.0
Vampire: The Masquerade PC          
Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption PC         9.0
Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines PC          
Vampire: The Masquerade Celebrate PC          
Vampires vs Zombies PC          
Vampires! PC          
Vampires: Guide Them to Safety! PC          
Vampyr PC          
Van Helsing Deathtrap PC         8.5
Vancouver 2010 PC 12 Jan 2010 15 Jan 2010     5.9
Vane PC          
Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare PC         7.0
Vanguard Princess PC          
Vanguard V PC          
Vanguard Valkyrie PC          
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes PC 30 Jan 2007        
Vanilla and Chocolate PC         5.0
Vanish PC          
Vanishing Point PC          
Vanitas PC          
Vapour PC          
Var and the Vikings: Smash Robots & Learn AI PC          
Vassal40k PC          
Vastar PC          
Vatican Wars PC          
Vaultcracker: The Last Safe PC          
Vector PC         7.0
Vector 36 PC          
Vector boom PC         7.6
Vector City Racer PC         6.0
Vector Thrust PC          
Vectorman PC          
Vectorman 2 PC          
VEGA Conflict PC         8.0
Vegas PC          
Vegas City PC          
Veil PC          
Vektor Prix PC          
Vektron Revenge PC          
vektropolis PC          
Velisia – A Traitor’s Legacy PC          
Velisia: A Traitor's Tale PC          
Velocibox PC         8.3
Velocity PC          
Velocity 2X PC          
Velocity Stream PC          
Velocity Ultra PC         7.9
Velvet Assassin PC 30 Apr 2009 08 May 2009 May 2009   6.3
Velvet Sundown PC         6.3
Vendetta Online PC          
Venetica PC 11 Jan 2011 12 Nov 2010     6.7
Venice Deluxe PC         6.8
Venture Arctic PC          
Venture Dinosauria PC          
Venture Forth PC          
Venus Hostage PC         3.0
Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen PC         4.0
Venusian Vengeance PC         8.0
Vera Blanc - Episode 2 - Ghost in the Castle PC         7.0
Vera Blanc: Full Moon PC          
Verde Station PC         6.0
Verdonia PC         6.0
Verdun PC         7.9
Verge PC          
Verlies PC         2.8
Verona PC          
Veronica Rivers: Portals to the Unknown PC         8.0
Veronica Rivers: The Order of Conspiracy PC         7.0
Vertex PC          
Vertical Drop Heroes PC         7.7
Vertical Drop Heroes HD PC         5.9
Vertiginous Golf PC         6.5
Vertigo PC 16 Jun 2009 25 Sep 2009     5.0
Vessel PC          
Vesuvia PC         7.0
Vexillum PC          
VHS Story PC          
Vicinity: Warp Reality PC          
Victim of Xen PC         7.1
Victor Vran PC          
Victoria 2 PC 13 Aug 2010 13 Aug 2010     7.6
Victoria II: A House Divided PC 24 Jan 2012 24 Jan 2012 24 Jan 2012   8.2
Victoria II: Heart of Darkness PC         8.2
Victoria: Sky City PC          
Victorian BMX PC          
Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room PC          
Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White PC         7.0
Victorious Skies PC          
Victory PC          
Victory At Sea PC         6.0
Victory Command PC         6.0
Victory: Age Of Racing PC          
Victory: The Age of Racing PC 10 Feb 2014 10 Feb 2014 10 Feb 2014    
Vidar PC          
Video Game High School PC         8.5
Video Game Movies PC          
video games PC         8.0
Video Games: The Movie PC         8.5
Video Strip Poker Boys PC          
Video Strip Poker Classic PC          
Video Strip Poker Supreme PC 12 Jul 2006 12 Jul 2006      
Videoball PC          
Vidiot Game PC          
Vietcong PC          
Vietcong 2 PC          
Vietnam…’65 PC         8.4
Vigatar PC          
Vigil PC          
Vigil: Blood Bitterness PC          
Vigilance PC          
Viking Brothers PC 23 Apr 2014 23 Apr 2014 23 Apr 2014   6.0
Viking Defense PC          
Viking Ghost PC          
Viking Saga PC         7.0
Viking Saga: Epic Adventure Walkthrough PC          
Viking Saga: New World PC          
Viking: Battle for Asgard PC         6.0
Vikings of Thule PC         6.0
Vikings on Trampolines PC          
Viktor PC         9.5
Villa Savoye PC          
Village Life PC         8.0
Villagers and Heroes PC          
Villainous PC          
Villainville PC          
Vincent the Vampire PC          
Vindictus PC 27 Oct 2010 2011 2011   8.5
Vineyard Valley PC          
Violent Little Things PC          
Violet and Everybody Dies PC         9.5
Violett PC         4.6
Viper Circle PC          
Virginia PC          
Viriax PC          
Virtua Tennis 2009 PC 09 Jun 2009 30 Jun 2009 18 Jun 2009   7.0
Virtua Tennis 3 PC 20 Mar 2007 20 Mar 2007      
Virtua Tennis 4 PC 15 Jul 2011 15 Jul 2011     7.7
Virtual Battlespace 2 PC          
Virtual Bike PC          
Virtual City PC         6.5
Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort PC         9.0
Virtual City Playground PC          
Virtual Drummer PC          
Virtual Families PC         6.0
Virtual Farm 2 PC          
Virtual Forbidden City PC          
Virtual Frontiers: Daniel Boone and the Hunters of Kentucky PC          
Virtual Horse Ranch 3D PC          
Virtual Island Entertainment PC          
Virtual Jihadi PC          
Virtual Laguna PC          
Virtual Pool 4 PC          
Virtual Silence PC          
Virtual Skipper 5 PC          
Virtual Tennis PC          
Virtual Villager 3: The Secret City PC          
Virtual Villagers PC          
Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life PC         6.0
Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers PC         8.0
Virtual Villagers: The Secret City PC         7.5
Virtual World PC          
Virtual World Touring Car Championship 2012 PC          
Virtualizer PC  PC          
Virtuix Omni PC          
Virtus Per Verba: First Person Shouter PC          
VIRUS PC          
Viscera Cleanup Detail PC         7.1
Vision by Proxy PC          
Vision Engine PC          
Vision of Aurora Borealis PC          
Vision of Zosimos PC          
VisionRacer VR3 PC          
Visions PC          
Visions of Zosimos PC          
Visorman PC          
Visus PC          
Vitrum PC         6.6
Vitrun PC          
Vitrun Air PC          
Viva Mall PC         4.0
Viva Pinata PC 06 Nov 2007       8.0
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise PC          
Vivian Clark PC          
Vixle PC          
Vizati PC         5.5
Vizor PC          
Vlad the Impaler PC         5.3
VNH Poker PC         8.0
Voar PC          
Vocaloid PC          
Voice PC          
Voice of Steel PC          
Voices From The Sea PC          
Void PC         7.2
Void and Meddler PC          
Void Destroyer PC         7.1
Void of Darkness PC          
Void Rim PC          
VoidExpanse PC         4.0
Voidrunner PC          
Volcano Rush PC          
Volchaos PC         8.0
Volgarr the Viking PC         7.7
Volo Airsport PC          
Volt PC         6.0
Voltage PC          
Volume PC          
Volvir PC          
Volvo - The Game PC         6.8
Vonneguts & Glory PC          
Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign PC         5.5
Voodoo Dice PC         7.0
Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legen PC          
Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend Collector’s Edition PC         7.0
Vorago PC          
Vorp PC         7.0
Vortex Green PC          
Vox PC          
Vox Imperium PC          
Vox Machinae PC          
Vox Populi Vox Dei 2 PC          
Vox Populi, Vox Dei PC          
Voxatron PC          
Voxel Quest PC          
Voxel Runner PC         6.0
VoxelFarm Engine PC          
Voxelfield PC          
Voxeliens PC          
Voxelnauts PC          
Voxelstein 3D PC          
Voxinvader PC          
Voxterium: Revision PC          
Voyage Century PC         8.0
Voyage Century Online PC          
VR PC          
VR Coaster PC          
VR Fruit Cut PC          
VR Jail Simulator PC          
VR Karts PC          
VR Nightclub PC          
VR Park PC          
VR Pong PC          
VR Spacewalk PC          
VR Sports Challenge PC          
VR Training PC          
VR Trek PC          
VR Typing Trainer PC          
VR2Space PC          
VRC Pro PC          
VRcade PC          
VRClay PC          
VREye PC          
VRFaceball PC          
VRMT PC          
VRog PC          
VRong PC          
VRPac PC          
vrvana PC          
Vulcan PC          
Vulkan PC          
Vulpin Adventure PC          
VVVV PC         8.0
VVVVVV PC         8.6
VvW: Angels of London PC          
Vzones PC