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Games : PC : "O"
Game Title Platform Release Dates Review
USA Europe Australia Japan Score
O (The Experience) PC          
O-G Sokoban PC         5.0
O.C.D. PC         4.0
Obduction PC          
Obedient Echo PC          
Oberon's Court PC          
OBEY PC          
Obey the Game PC          
Obliteration HD PC         9.0
Oblitus PC         6.1
Oblivion PC         9.5
Oblivious Garden ~Carmina Burana PC          
Obludia PC          
Obolos PC          
Obscure PC          
Obscure: The Aftermath PC 25 Mar 2008 07 Sep 2007     6.4
Obsessive Collecting Disorder PC          
Obsidian PC          
Obsolescence PC          
Obulis PC         8.0
Ocarina of Time 2D (Fan Game) PC          
OccultUs PC          
Occupation: Source PC          
OCD Gnome PC          
Ocean City Racing PC          
Ocean Rift PC          
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas PC         7.5
Oceanhorn: Monsters of Uncharted Seas PC          
Oceanopolis PC          
Octodad PC         8.4
Octodad 2 PC          
Octodad: Dadliest Catch PC 30 Jan 2014 30 Jan 2014 30 Jan 2014    
Octomania PC          
Octopede PC         9.0
Octopus City Blues PC          
Oculus Maximus PC          
Oculus Rift PC         9.0
Oculus Snap PC          
Odallus: The Dark Call PC          
Odd Society PC          
Oddboxx PC 20 Dec 2010 20 Dec 2010 20 Dec 2010   9.0
Oddly Enough: Peid Piper PC         7.0
Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty PC         8.1
Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD PC         8.4
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus PC          
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee PC          
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – New ‘n’ Tasty PC          
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee HD PC          
Oddworld: Hand of Odd PC          
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD PC         8.3
Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee PC         7.9
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath PC         8.6
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wraith PC          
Odessa Twins PC          
Odin Quest PC          
Odysseus: Long Way Home PC         6.0
Of Guards and Thieves PC         7.0
Of Orcs and Men PC 11 Oct 2012 18 Oct 2012 18 Oct 2012   7.0
Off Road PC         3.0
Off The Record: Liberty Stone PC          
Off the Record: Linden Shades PC         9.5
Off the Record: The Art of Deception PC         8.0
Off the Record: The Italian Affair PC         9.0
Off the Record: The Liberty Stone PC          
Off-Peak PC         8.0
Off-Road Drive PC 30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2011   6.2
Off-Road Racing PC          
Offensive Combat PC         8.8
Office Daze PC         6.0
Office Ninjas PC          
Office Wars PC         7.0
Officers PC 14 Jul 2009 29 May 2009     6.5
Officers - World War II PC   15 May 2009     7.0
Officers – The Matrix Edition PC          
Offroad 3D eXtreme PC          
Offspring Fling PC         7.8
Offworld Trading Company PC         7.0
OGame PC          
OGPlanet PC          
Oh My Game! PC          
Oíche Mhaith PC          
Oil Night PC          
Oiligarchy PC          
OilRush PC         6.8
OIO The Game PC         7.9
OJO Agent PC         7.5
Oknytt PC         6.0
Okyntt PC         6.0
Olav & the Loot PC          
Olav & the Lute PC          
Old School Role-Playing Game PC          
Oliver & Spike: Dimension Jumpers PC          
Olliolli PC         7.5
Olympia Rising PC          
Omaha PC          
Omega Agent PC          
Omegalodon PC         5.0
Omerta PC          
Omerta - City of Gangsters PC 05 Feb 2013 01 Feb 2013 01 Feb 2013   6.1
OMG HD Zombies! PC         7.0
OMG High School PC          
OMG Zombies! PC         8.5
Omicron PC          
Omikron The Nomad Soul PC         7.0
Ominous Objects: Family Portrait PC         8.0
Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection PC         7.0
OMNIMAX PC          
Omori PC          
OMSI 2 PC         10.0
On a Roll PC          
On Green PC          
On My Own PC          
On The Edge of the World PC          
On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness PC         7.5
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3 PC         7.5
On The Shoulders Of Ancestors PC          
Once Bitten, Twice Dead PC          
One and One Story PC          
One Button Bob PC          
One Chance PC          
One Earth PC          
One Final Breath PC          
One Fine Day PC         8.0
One Finger Death Punch PC         8.8
One Last Day PC          
One Late Night PC         7.0
One Man And His Dinosaur PC          
One Minute to Midnight PC          
One Piece Online PC          
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 PC          
One Way Heroics PC         7.0
Oneway PC          
Ong Bak Tri PC          
Ong-Bak: The Video Game PC          
Ongaku PC         7.0
Oni PC          
Oniblade PC          
Onigiri Online PC         7.6
Onigiri: Pandemonium PC          
Oniken PC         6.0
Onikira PC          
Onikira: Demon Killer PC          
Onimusha 5 PC          
Onimusha Soul PC          
Online Racing Championship PC          
OnLive PC         7.4
Only Connect PC          
Only If PC         6.0
Onslaught! Arena PC          
Onverse PC          
Onza Tournament Edition Gamepad PC         9.5
Oolite PC          
ooo! ooO! oOO! OOO! PC          
Oort Online PC          
OOTP15 PC         8.5
ooVoo PC          
Oozi: Earth Adventure PC         6.3
Oozing Forever PC          
Open Fire Gold PC 19 Mar 2009 19 Mar 2009 19 Mar 2009 19 Mar 2009  
OpenArena PC          
OpenRA PC          
OpenRelativity PC          
OpenTTD PC         8.0
OpenWheel PC          
OpenXcom PC          
Opera Nova PC          
Operation PC          
Operation 7 PC         6.0
Operation Barbarossa: Black Turn PC          
Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising PC 06 Oct 2009 08 Oct 2009 22 Oct 2009   7.7
Operation Flashpoint 3 PC         8.6
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising PC         4.5
Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC 07 Jun 2011 21 Apr 2011 21 Apr 2011   7.0
Operation Gamma 41 PC         6.0
Operation Mania PC 29 Oct 2008       7.1
Operation Pyxel PC          
Operation Smash PC          
Operation Thunderstorm PC         6.8
Oprah’s Thank You Game PC          
Orbit PC          
Orbital Gear PC         6.5
Orbitor PC          
Orbitron: Revolution PC          
Orborun PC         7.9
Orbs CCG PC          
Orbyx Deluxe PC 03 Nov 2010 03 Nov 2010 03 Nov 2010 03 Nov 2010  
Orc Assault PC          
Orc Attack PC          
Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion PC         3.1
Orc Must Die Online PC          
Orchard PC         5.3
Orcish Inn PC          
Orcs Must Die PC 12 Oct 2011 12 Oct 2011 12 Oct 2011   8.5
Orcs Must Die! 2 PC         8.4
Orcs Must Die! Unchained PC          
Orczz PC         6.0
Order & Chaos Online PC          
Order of Battle: Pacific PC         8.2
Order of Magic PC         8.6
Order of the Light: The Deathly Artisan PC         6.0
Order of the Rose PC         7.0
Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge PC          
Order of War PC 22 Sep 2009 25 Sep 2009 17 Sep 2009   7.1
Order of War: Challenge PC 12 Mar 2010       7.4
Ordnance PC          
OreSome PC          
Organ Trail PC         9.0
Organ Trail: Director's Cut PC         7.5
Organic Panic PC          
Orgia Romanus PC          
Ori and the Blind Forest PC         9.1
Oriental Empires PC          
Origin PC          
Origin Chronos PC          
Origins PC          
Origins of Malu PC          
Origins: Elders of Time PC         8.0
Orion Trail PC          
Orion's Belt PC          
Orion: Dino Horde PC         2.9
Orion: Prelude PC          
Orion: Source PC          
Orochi 3 PC          
Orphan PC          
Ortus PC          
Osada PC          
Oscar PC          
Oscura: Lost Light PC         7.0
Osiris PC          
Osmos PC 18 Aug 2009       8.1
Ossuary PC         6.0
Ost Chronicle PC          
Ostrich Island PC          
Otherland PC          
Otherside: Realm of Eons PC         6.0
Otherworld: Omens of Summer PC         7.0
Otherworld: Shades of Fall PC         9.5
Otherworld: Spring of Shadows PC         10.0
OTTTD PC         7.8
Ougon Musou Kyouku PC          
Our Darker Purpose PC 29 Jan 2014 29 Jan 2014 29 Jan 2014   6.9
Our Worst Fears: Stained Skin PC         5.0
OurWorld PC         6.0
Out of Hell PC          
Out of the Chute PC          
Out of the Park Baseball 10 PC         8.8
Out of the Park Baseball 11 PC         9.8
Out of the Park Baseball 12 PC         8.2
Out of the Park Baseball 13 PC         9.1
Out of the Park Baseball 14 PC         9.2
Out of the Park Baseball 15 PC         8.0
Out of the Park Baseball 16 PC         9.3
Out of the Park Baseball 2007 PC          
Out of the Park Baseball 9 PC 17 Jun 2008       8.2
Out There PC          
Out There Somewhere PC         7.8
Out There: O Edition PC         7.0
Out There: Omega Edition PC         7.6
Outcast PC          
Outcast II: The Lost Paradise PC          
Outcast Reboot HD PC          
Outcry PC         6.3
Outer Empires PC          
Outernauts PC         6.6
Outland PC         8.2
Outland 17 PC          
Outlast PC         8.1
Outlast 2 PC          
Outlast Whistleblower PC         7.9
Outlaws PC          
Outpost PC          
Outpost 13 PC          
Outpost 16 PC          
Outpost: Haven PC          
Outreach PC          
Outrise PC          
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PC   31 Mar 2006      
Outta This Kingdom PC         4.0
Outwar PC          
Outward PC          
Oval Office PC         7.5
Over 9000 Zombies PC         6.1
Over Flanders Fields Phase 3: Between Heaven and Hell PC         9.1
Over The Hills And Far Away PC          
Over the Moon PC          
Over the Top Tower Defense PC         7.5
Overcast: Walden and the Werewolf PC         4.5
Overclocked PC         7.5
Overclocked: A History of Violence PC 31 Mar 2008 02 May 2008     7.3
Overdose PC          
Overdosed: A Trip To Hell PC          
Overgrowth PC          
Overheid PC          
Overkills The Walking Dead PC          
Overland PC          
Overlord PC 25 Jun 2007 Q2 2007     7.4
Overlord 3 PC          
Overlord II PC 23 Jun 2009 26 Jun 2009 Jun 2009   7.4
Overlord: Fellowship of Evil PC          
Overlord: Raising Hell PC         8.2
Override PC          
Overruled PC         8.0
Overscan Sniper HD PC          
Oversight PC          
Overspeed: High Performance Street Racing PC   13 Jul 2008     4.4
Overture PC         6.9
Overwatch PC          
overwolf PC         9.4
Owl Vs Saws PC          
Owlboy PC          
Oxenfree PC          
Oz Orwell and the Crawling Chaos PC         9.0
Oz World PC         2.0
Ozmafia!! PC          
OZombie PC