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Games : PC : "C"
Game Title Platform Release Dates Review
USA Europe Australia Japan Score
Commander: Napoleon At War PC         6.5
C-Wars PC          
C.R.E.E.P.S PC          
C64anabalt PC          
C9 PC          
Ca3D-Engine PC          
Caanan Online PC          
Cabal 2 PC          
Cabal Online PC         7.5
Cabals: The Card Game PC          
Cabela's Big Game Hunter PC         5.9
Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts PC         6.8
Cabela's Hunting Expeditions PC 23 Oct 2012       6.0
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures PC 13 Oct 2009        
Cabela’s African Adventures PC         6.3
Cactus Arcade PC          
Cactus McCoy 2 PC          
Cadence PC         8.0
Cadenza: Death By Jazz PC          
Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death PC         10.0
Cadenza: The Kiss of Death PC         9.0
Caelum PC         5.8
Caesar PC          
Caesar IV PC 26 Sep 2006 Sep 2006      
Caesar's Day Off PC          
Caesars Casino PC         5.0
Caesary PC         4.0
Café Âme PC          
Cafe World PC         7.0
Caffeine PC          
Caging Me Softly PC          
Cahors Sunset PC         6.8
Cake PC          
Cake Mania 3 PC         7.5
Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! PC         9.0
Cake Mania: To The Max PC         8.0
Cake Shop PC         5.0
Cake Shop 2 PC          
Calamity Annie PC          
Calavera: Day of the Dead PC         6.0
Cali PC          
Caliber of Spirit PC          
Calibur of Spirit PC          
Caliente! PC          
Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars PC          
Call Of Alliance PC          
Call of Atlantis PC 26 Nov 2008 01 May 2009     8.0
Call of Combat PC          
Call of Cthulhu PC          
Call of Cthulhu : The Wasted Land PC 05 May 2012       6.8
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth PC          
Call of Cthulu PC          
Call of Duty PC         9.6
Call of Duty 10 PC          
Call of Duty 2 PC 25 Oct 2005 04 Nov 2005      
Call of Duty 2012 PC          
Call of Duty 2013 PC          
Call of Duty 2014 PC          
Call of Duty 4 PC 05 Nov 2007 09 Nov 2007 07 Nov 2007 27 Dec 2007 9.2
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC         9.2
Call of Duty 5: World at War PC          
Call Of Duty 6 PC          
Call of Duty 9 PC          
Call of Duty Action Adventure PC          
Call of duty Beachhead PC          
Call of Duty Black Ops 2D PC          
Call of Duty Online PC          
Call of Duty Series PC          
Call of Duty: World at War PC 11 Nov 2008 14 Nov 2008 12 Nov 2008 14 Nov 2008 8.3
Call of Duty: 2015 PC          
Call of Duty: Advance Warfare PC         8.5
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC 04 Nov 2014 04 Nov 2014     8.4
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC PC         7.7
Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC PC         7.4
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC PC         7.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops PC 09 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010 18 Nov 2010 8.3
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC   13 Nov 2012     8.3
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Apocalypse PC         6.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Care Package PC          
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition PC          
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Uprising PC         7.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Vengeance PC         7.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PC          
Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack PC          
Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC PC 02 Jun 2011 02 Jun 2011 02 Jun 2011   9.0
Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Map Pack PC         8.2
Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Map Pack PC         6.8
Call of Duty: BO2 PC          
Call of Duty: Elite PC         4.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts PC 05 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013   7.3
Call of Duty: Ghosts - Devastation PC         7.0
Call of Duty: Ghosts - Devistation PC          
Call Of Duty: Ghosts 2 PC          
Call of Duty: Ghosts Hardened Edition PC          
Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion Pack PC         6.8
call of duty: ghosts Nemesis PC         8.0
Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught PC         7.6
Call of Duty: Iron Wolf PC          
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC 10 Nov 2009 10 Nov 2009 10 Nov 2009   9.0
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PC 08 Nov 2011 08 Nov 2011 08 Nov 2011   8.4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC Collection 1 PC         9.5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 PC          
Call Of Duty: World At War 2 PC         9.4
Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies PC         9.4
Call of Gods PC         7.4
Call of Juarez PC 05 Jun 2007 Aug 2006     7.9
Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood PC 30 Jun 2009 03 Jul 2009     7.9
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PC 23 May 2013 23 May 2013 23 May 2013   8.1
Call of Juarez: The Cartel PC 19 Jul 2011 26 Aug 2011 22 Jul 2011   4.7
Call of Juarez: The Gunslinger PC         8.0
Call of Roma PC          
Call of Thrones PC         7.8
Call of Tomsk-7 PC          
Call to Arms PC   Feb 2014      
Calm Time PC         1.0
Calvino Noir PC          
Camelot Unchained PC          
Camera Obscura PC          
Camon Hero PC          
Camp Keepalive PC         7.0
Camp Pete PC         6.0
Campfire Legends: The Babysitte PC          
Campfire Legends: The Babysitter PC         8.0
Campfire Legends: The Last Act PC         6.0
Campfire: Become Your Nightmare PC          
CampFu PC          
Campgrounds PC          
Campgrounds: The Endorus Expedition PC         7.5
Camping Manager 2012 PC         4.0
Can You See What I See? Dream Machine PC 04 Dec 2009       7.0
Canaan Online PC          
Canabalt PC         9.0
Candella PC          
Candle PC          
Candlelight PC          
Candles PC          
Candy Box PC          
Candy Box 2 PC          
Candy Crush Saga PC         6.3
Candy Dash PC         9.0
Candy Jam PC          
Candy Shop PC          
Candy Thieves PC          
Cannon Brawl PC         8.0
Cannon Fodder PC         10.0
Cannon Fodder 3 PC         5.6
Cannons Lasers Rockets PC          
Cantasia PC          
Cantrip PC          
Canvas PC          
Canyon Capers PC         6.5
Canyon Capers: Rio Fever PC         7.5
Capcom vs. SNK PC          
Capcom: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 HD Remix PC          
Capitalism PC          
Capoeira Legends: Path to Freedom PC 25 Jan 2009 25 Jan 2009 25 Jan 2009 25 Jan 2009  
Capricorn 7: Future Cop PC          
Capsized PC         7.9
capsule PC         6.0
Captain America: Shield of Justice PC          
Captain Backwater PC         6.5
Captain Blood PC          
Captain Comic PC          
Captain Disaster in Death Has a Million Stomping Boots PC          
Captain Forever PC          
Captain Forever Remix PC          
Captain Jameson PC          
Captain Morgane And The Golden Turtle PC 03 Feb 2012       6.0
Captain Space Bunny PC         5.0
Captain Successor PC         8.0
Captains of DarkTide PC          
Captivate 11 PC          
Capy Fine Racing GP PC          
Car Car Crash PC          
Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 PC 25 Apr 2014 25 Apr 2014 25 Apr 2014   6.5
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 PC         6.6
Car Town PC          
Caravan PC          
Carbon Project A PC          
Carcade PC          
Card City Nights PC         7.4
card dungeon PC          
Card Hunter PC          
Cardinal Quest PC         7.8
Cardinal Quest 2 PC          
CardMon Hero PC          
Cards Against Humanity PC          
Cargasm PC          
Cargo 3 PC         6.0
Cargo Commander PC         7.5
Cargo Delivery PC          
Cargo! PC         8.1
Cargo!: The Quest For Gravity PC         6.8
Caribbean PC          
Carmageddon PC          
Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now PC          
Carmageddon: Reincarnation PC          
Carmaggeddon: Reincarnation PC          
Carnage PC          
Carnage Racing PC          
CarneyVale Showtime PC         8.0
Carnival Mania PC         6.0
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn PC         8.2
Caromble PC          
Carrier Command PC          
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission PC 28 Sep 2012 28 Sep 2012 28 Sep 2012    
Carrier Command: Recruits PC          
Cars PC          
Cars 2: The Video Game PC 21 Jun 2011 22 Jul 2011 22 Jul 2011   7.2
Cars Mater-National PC         7.5
CARS Project PC          
CarStructor PC          
Cart Life PC         7.6
Cartagra PC          
CarTank PC          
CARTE PC         9.3
Cartoon Universe PC          
Casebook Special Edition Trilogy PC         8.5
Casebook, Episode I PC         7.3
Casebook: Episode II PC         7.4
Casebook: Episode III - Snake in the Grass PC         7.1
Cash Cow Deluxe PC         9.1
Cashtronauts PC          
Casino City PC         8.0
CasinoRPG PC          
Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus PC         8.0
Cassandra’s Journey 2: The Fifth Sun of Nostradamus PC         8.0
Cast of the Seven Godsends PC          
castAR PC          
Castaway Paradise PC          
Castaways PC         6.0
Caster PC         7.5
Castle PC          
Castle Breakers PC          
Castle Corp PC          
Castle Crashers PC 26 Sep 2012        
Castle Crashing the Beard PC          
Castle Dracula PC         7.3
Castle Empire PC         9.0
Castle Game PC          
Castle II: Siege and Conquest PC          
Castle in the Darkness PC          
Castle of Heroes PC          
Castle of Illusion Featuring Mickey Mouse PC         7.8
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse PC         6.9
Castle of Tharoggad PC          
Castle Story PC         7.0
Castle Vox PC         7.0
Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover PC         8.0
CastleAbra PC          
CastleCraft PC          
CastleMania PC          
CastleMiner Z PC         3.5
Castlemouse PC          
Castles PC          
Castles in the Sky PC         7.8
Castlestorm PC         7.5
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition PC         8.1
Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2 Revelations PC         10.0
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PC         8.5
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD PC 27 Mar 2014 27 Mar 2014 27 Mar 2014   6.0
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 PC 25 Feb 2014 28 Feb 2014 28 Feb 2014    
Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD PC         5.0
Castlevania: Spectral Interlude PC          
CastleVille PC         8.0
Castlot PC          
Casus Belli PC         5.0
Cat Astro Phi PC         7.0
Cat Goes Fishing PC         9.0
Cat Simulator PC          
Cat Wash PC         4.0
Cat With Bow Golf PC          
Cat-A-Pult PC          
cat-shaped life PC          
Cataclysm PC         9.2
Cataclysm Beta PC          
Catacomb PC          
Catacomb Kids PC          
Catacomb Snatch PC          
Catan PC          
Catan Online World PC          
Catapult for Hire PC          
Catch a Killer PC         8.0
Catch Monsters PC          
Catch Up, Calu! PC          
Catch-22 PC          
Catchmod PC          
Cate West: The Velvet Keys PC         9.0
Catequesis PC          
CatFish PC          
Catlateral Damage PC         6.8
Catmouth Island PC          
Catzilla PC          
Catzilla Benchmark PC          
Caught In Paradise PC          
Causality Flux PC          
Cave PC          
Cave Quest PC         9.0
Cave Story PC         9.0
Cave! Cave! Deus Videt PC          
Caveman Craig 2: The Tribes of Boggdrop PC         8.3
Caveman Games PC          
Cavemen Vs Aliens PC          
Cavenaut PC          
Cavern Kings PC          
Caverns of Travencore PC          
CDF Ghostship PC          
Cease Fire PC          
Cedaria: Blackout PC          
CEEK PC          
Celestial Chants PC          
Celestial Cleave PC          
Celestial Mechanica PC         6.0
Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge PC          
Celestian Tales: Old North PC          
Celetania PC 13 Feb 2009 13 Feb 2009 13 Feb 2009 13 Feb 2009  
Cell HD: Emergence PC          
cell: emergence PC         5.8
Cellarfold PC          
Cellcraft PC         9.0
CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars PC          
CellFactor: Revolution PC 08 May 2007        
Cello Fortress PC          
CellZenith PC         6.7
Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills PC         5.0
censorship simulator PC          
Centauri Sector PC          
Cerberus Crusade PC          
CES PC          
CES 2011 PC          
Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer PC         3.0
Ceville PC   20 Feb 2009   20 Feb 2009 7.7
Chain of Comman PC          
Chain of Command PC          
Chain World PC          
Chains PC         8.0
Chainsaw Warrior PC         5.3
Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night PC         6.5
Chainz Galaxy PC         7.5
Chak's Temple PC         9.0
Challenge from Kiyoshi PC          
Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2 PC          
Challenge Me: Word Puzzles PC          
Challenge of the Five Realms: Spellbound in the World of Nhagardia PC          
Chambara PC          
Champion Jockey Gallop Racer & GI Jockey PC         6.0
Champions League PC          
Champions of Demah PC          
Champions of Force (Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game) PC 27 Aug 2008 27 Aug 2008 27 Aug 2008 27 Aug 2008  
Champions of Regnum PC          
Champions Online PC 01 Sep 2009 04 Sep 2009 04 Sep 2009   7.4
Champions Online: Free for All PC         8.5
Championship Manager PC          
Championship Manager 2007 PC   12 Oct 2006 03 Nov 2006    
Championship Manager 2008 PC   02 Nov 2007      
Championship Manager 2009 PC          
Championship Manager 2010 PC   25 Sep 2009 08 Oct 2009   7.5
Championship Manager 97/98 PC          
Championship Manager Online PC          
Championship Manager: World of Football PC          
ChangChun 2 PC          
Changchun Online 2 PC          
Change! PC          
Chantelise PC 29 Jul 2011       5.8
Chantelise: A Tale Of Two Sisters PC         8.5
Chaos PC          
Chaos Chronicles PC 2013 2013 2013    
Chaos Domain PC         3.9
Chaos Heroes Online PC          
Chaos Invaders PC          
Chaos on Deponia PC 06 Nov 2012       7.9
Chaos Online PC          
Chaos Reborn PC          
Chaos Ride PC         4.0
Chaos Theory PC 22 May 2008 22 May 2008     6.8
chaotic PC          
Chaotic: Shadow Warriors PC          
Chapters of HUE: Autumn PC          
Chariot PC         7.5
Chariot Wars PC          
Charkov 1943 PC          
Charlie Church Mouse: Superpack PC          
Charlie Seeker PC          
Charlotte Seeker PC          
Charlotte's Dream PC          
Charmixy: Witch Academy PC          
Charnel PC          
Chasing Aurora PC         6.0
Chasm PC          
Chat Fu PC         8.0
ChatChat PC          
Chathouse 3D PC          
Chawp! PC          
Check Urself PC          
Check vs. Mate PC         4.0
Check-In Knock-Out PC          
ChefVille PC         8.0
Cheggers' Party Quiz PC          
Chenzo Cove PC          
Chequered Flag PC         5.0
Chernobyl Commando PC          
Cherry MX RGB PC          
Cherry Tree High Comedy Club PC         7.3
Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! PC         6.5
Chess 2: The Sequel PC         7.9
Chess the Gathering PC          
Chessmaster PC          
ChessMaster 9000 PC          
Chessmaster Challenge PC          
Chessmine PC          
Chester PC         8.0
Chester United PC          
Chevalier Saga Tactics PC          
Chewy PC          
Chex Quest PC          
Chibi Kart PC          
Chibi Knight PC          
Chibi Warriors PC          
Chick Chick Chicky Deluxe PC          
Chick Hide and Seek 6 PC          
Chicken Invaders 3 PC          
Chicken Invaders 4: Ultimate Omelette PC         8.0
Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side PC          
Chicken's Flying School PC          
Chickensword PC          
Child of Cooper PC          
Child of Light PC 30 Apr 2014 30 Apr 2014 30 Apr 2014   8.5
Child's Play: The Game PC          
Childhood PC          
Children Of Liberty PC          
Children of Morta PC          
Children of the Nile PC          
Chime PC         8.3
Chime 2 PC          
Chimeras: Tune of Revenge PC         10.0
Chinese Gods PC          
Chinese Paladin 3 PC          
Chinese Paladin 5 PC          
Chip PC         7.8
Chip's Challenge PC          
Chip's Challenge 2 PC         6.8
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior PC         7.3
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare PC 16 Oct 2012 16 Oct 2012 16 Oct 2012   8.0
Cho Dengeki Stryker PC         7.0
CHO REN SHA 68K PC          
chocks away PC          
Chocobo's Crystal Tower PC          
Chocolate Shop Frenzy PC         5.0
Chocolatier 2 PC          
Chocolatier: Decadence by Design PC         9.5
Chocolatier: Sweet Society PC         8.0
Choi Gravity PC          
Choice PC          
Choice Chamber PC          
Choice Of Robots PC          
Choice of the Deathless PC         7.2
Choice of the Dragon PC          
Choice Of The Petal Throne PC          
Choir PC          
Choma PC          
Chompston PC          
Chompy Chomp Chomp PC         6.5
Chop Suey PC          
Choplifter HD PC         7.5
Chore Wars PC          
Chou Dengeki Stryker PC          
Chris Dorner's Last Stand PC          
Christmas Clix PC          
Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call PC         8.0
Christmas Shopper Simulator PC          
Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol PC         9.0
Christmas Stories: Hans Christian Andersen's Tin Soldier PC          
Christmas Stories: Nutcracker PC         9.0
Christmas Wonderland 2 PC         3.5
Chroma PC          
Chroma Squad PC          
Chromancer PC          
Chromaroma PC          
Chromathud PC          
Chrome PC         4.0
Chrome 2 PC          
Chrome Web Store PC         8.0
Chrome: Specforce PC          
Chromentum 2 PC         6.0
Chronicle: Runescape Legends PC          
Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode I: Tides of Fate Enhanced Edition PC         8.0
Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode II: War of the Abyss PC          
Chronicles of Albian 2: The Wizbury School of Magic PC         8.0
Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention PC         7.0
Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual PC 17 Nov 2008 14 Nov 2008     6.9
Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life PC   30 Apr 2010     5.0
Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life PC         5.0
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena PC          
Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay PC   10 Dec 2004      
Chronicles of Spellborn PC 23 Apr 2009 27 Nov 2008     8.0
Chronicles of the Sword PC          
Chrono Disfunglement PC         7.0
Chrono Rage PC         8.0
Chrono Storm: Conflict of Time PC          
Chrono Tales PC         7.0
Chrono&Cash PC          
Chronoblade PC          
Chronology PC         7.0
Chronometer PC          
Chronos PC          
Chronos Sword PC          
Chronostorm: Siberian Strike PC          
Chronotron PC          
Chuck's Challenge 3D PC         7.3
Chucky PC          
Chumba World PC          
Chup PC          
Chuzzle PC         6.5
CID The Dummy PC 30 Jun 2009       6.2
Cinders PC         9.1
Cindy’s Travels: Flooded Kingdom PC         7.0
Cinema Tycoon 2: Movie Mania PC         8.0
CINEVO PC          
Circa Infinity PC          
Circles PC          
Circuits PC         7.7
Circus Empire PC 04 Jun 2007        
Circus World PC          
Citadel PC          
Citadel of Sorcery PC          
Citadel Wars PC          
Citadels PC         3.1
Cities In Motion PC         7.6
Cities in Motion 2 PC         7.7
Cities in Motion 2: Marvellous Monorails PC 10 Jan 2014 10 Jan 2014 10 Jan 2014   7.0
Cities In Motion: German Cities PC          
Cities in Motion: London PC          
Cities in Motion: Tokyo PC          
Cities in Motion: US Cities PC         6.0
Cities of Legend PC         5.0
Cities XL PC 09 Oct 2009 08 Oct 2009 08 Oct 2009   6.7
Cities XL 2011 PC         8.2
Cities XL 2012 PC 20 Oct 2011 20 Oct 2011 20 Oct 2011   6.9
Cities XL Platinum PC         7.8
Cities XXL PC         5.1
Cities: Skylines PC         8.7
Citizen Burger Disorder PC          
Citizen Grim PC          
Citizens of Earth PC          
City Builder PC          
City Bus Simulator 2010 PC 22 Oct 2009 22 Oct 2009 22 Oct 2009 22 Oct 2009 3.5
City Life Edition 2008 PC 28 Feb 2008 15 Feb 2008     6.9
City Life RPG PC         8.0
City Life: World Edition PC 15 Jan 2007 15 Jan 2007      
City of Eternals PC          
City of Heroes PC 27 Apr 2004 27 Apr 2004     7.8
City of Heroes - Issue 12: Midnight Hour PC         7.7
City of Heroes 2 PC          
City of Heroes Issue 13 PC         8.0
City of Heroes: Architect Edition PC         7.6
City of Heroes: Dark Mirror PC          
City of Heroes: Freedom PC         8.6
City of Heroes: Going Rogue PC 17 Aug 2010 17 Aug 2010     6.9
City of Heroes: Issue 15 PC          
City of Heroes: Macintosh Special Edition PC         8.3
City of Heros Issue 14: Architect PC         9.5
City of Metronome PC          
City of Secrets PC          
City of Sinners and Saints PC          
City of Steam PC         5.6
City of Steam: Arkadia PC          
City of the Dead PC          
City of Titans PC          
City of Transformers PC          
City of Villains PC         7.9
City of Wonder PC         8.5
City Quest PC          
City Rain PC         7.0
City Sights: Hello, Seattle! Game PC         9.0
City Z PC          
Citybound PC          
Citypixel PC          
CityVille PC         8.2
CityVille 2 PC          
citzens of earth PC          
Civ: Beyond Earth PC          
CivCity: Rome PC Q2 2006 16 Jun 2006     7.0
CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria PC          
Civilization PC         9.1
Civilization 3 Complete PC          
civilization 4 PC          
civilization complete pack PC          
Civilization II PC          
Civilization III PC          
Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword PC 24 Jul 2007 2007     8.4
Civilization IV: Gold Edition PC          
Civilization IV: Rise of Mankind II PC         6.0
Civilization IV: The Complete Edition PC 12 May 2009 12 Oct 2007 2007 27 Mar 2009 9.5
Civilization IV: War of Two Cities PC 25 Oct 2005 25 Oct 2005      
Civilization IV: Warlords PC          
Civilization MMO PC          
Civilization Network PC 2011 2011 2011 2011  
Civilization Online PC          
Civilization V PC 21 Sep 2010 24 Sep 2010     8.9
Civilization V: Brave New World PC         8.5
Civilization V: Gods & Kings PC 19 Jun 2012 22 Jun 2012 21 Jun 2012   8.4
Civilization World PC         6.0
Civilization: Beyond Earth PC 24 Oct 2014 24 Oct 2014     8.0
Civilizations Wars PC          
Civitas PC          
CivWorld PC          
ClaDun x2 PC         7.1
Claire PC         9.0
Clairvoyance PC          
Clan of Champions PC         5.4
Clan of the Caveman PC          
Clandestine PC          
Clang PC          
Clannad PC          
CLARK PC         9.5
Clash N Slash PC          
Clash Of Olympus PC          
Class Realm PC          
Class3 PC          
Class4 PC          
Classic PC          
Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby PC         9.3
Classic Car Racing PC May 2009 May 2009      
Classic Word Games PC         8.0
Classroom Aquatic PC          
Claustrophilia PC          
Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle PC         8.0
Claw PC          
ClayFighter PC          
Clean Asia! PC         7.1
Clean'Em Up PC          
Cleansing PC          
Cleopatra: Riddle of the Tomb PC 02 Apr 2008 02 Jul 2008     5.7
Cletus Clay PC          
Clicker Heroes PC         8.0
ClickPLAY 2 PC          
ClickPLAY Time PC          
ClickPLAY! PC         8.0
Clickr PC         8.5
Cliff Chun PC          
Cliffed XL PC          
Cliffhorse PC          
Climb to the Top of the Castle PC          
Clive "N" Wrench PC          
Clive And The Bones PC          
Clive and the Stones of the Ancient Bunnies PC          
Clive Barker's Jericho PC 23 Oct 2007       6.9
Clive Barker's Undying PC         5.0
Clive Barkers: Jericho PC         5.0
Clock Tower PC          
Clock Tower 2 PC          
Clockwork PC          
Clockwork Crokinole PC         6.0
Clockwork Empires PC Q2 2014 Q2 2014 Q2 2014    
Clockwork Man PC         7.5
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink PC         9.5
Clone Wars Adventures PC         8.0
Clones PC 20 May 2011 20 May 2011     6.9
Cloning Clyde PC 15 Mar 2011       7.5
CLOP PC          
Close Castles PC          
Close Combat – Last Stand Arnhem PC          
Close Combat: Cross of Iron PC          
Close Combat: Gateway to Caen PC 05 Jun 2014 05 Jun 2014 05 Jun 2014    
Close Combat: Modern Tactics PC 15 Nov 2007        
Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog PC         8.0
Close Combat: The Longest Day PC          
Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein PC          
Close Encounters PC          
Close Order PC          
Close X Preview GameZebo - PC          
Close Your Eyes PC          
Closers Online PC          
Closers: Dimension Conflict PC          
Closure PC          
Cloud PC          
Cloud Chamber PC         7.7
Cloud Computing PC          
Cloud Nine PC         8.0
Cloudbase Prime PC          
Cloudberry Kingdom PC         7.7
Cloudbuilt PC 20 Mar 2014 20 Mar 2014 20 Mar 2014    
Cloudface PC          
Cloudfall PC          
Cloudforest Expedition PC          
Cloudphobia PC          
Clover E@rth PC          
Clover: A Curious Tale PC         6.5
Clown's Secret PC          
Club M Star PC          
Club Manager 2015 PC         7.8
Club Penguin PC          
CLUE Accusations and Alibis PC         8.0
Clueless PC   01 Sep 2010     5.8
Cluster PC          
Cluster Lander PC          
ClusterPuck 99 PC         6.0
Clutch PC 09 Feb 2009 09 Feb 2009 09 Feb 2009   6.5
ClutchVR PC          
CM Storm Mizar Mouse PC         10.0
CM Storm Octane Keyboard and Mouse PC         10.0
CM Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset PC         8.0
CM Storm Speed-RX Mouse Pad PC         10.0
CM Storm Ultimate QuickFire Mechanical Keyboard PC         8.0
Cmoar Personal Viewer PC          
Coaster PC          
Coaster Park Tycoon PC          
Coasterado PC          
CoasterVille PC         8.0
Cobalt PC         7.0
Cocktail Mania PC          
Coco Girl PC         8.0
Cocolani Island PC          
Coconut Queen PC         9.0
COD Online PC          
Coda PC          
CodaChain PC          
Code 7 PC          
Code Fred: Survival Mode PC          
Code Hero PC          
Code Of Everand PC         4.0
Code Of Honor 2 PC          
Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island PC 31 Aug 2008   27 Nov 2008   3.9
Codecracker PC         8.0
CodeHunters PC          
Codemancer PC          
Codename Panzers: Cold War PC 10 Mar 2009 24 Feb 2009 26 Feb 2009   6.5
Codename Rapture PC          
Codename: Infinite PC          
Codename: Outbreak PC          
CodeSpells PC          
Coffee Bar PC          
Coffee Rush 2 PC         5.0
Coffin Dodgers PC          
Cognition Episode 2: The Wise Monkey PC         7.5
Cognition Episode 3: The Oracle PC         8.0
Cognition Episode 4: The Cain Killer PC         8.0
Cognition, An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 2 - The Wise Monkey PC         7.4
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller PC         7.2
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Episode 1: Hangman PC         6.7
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Episode 1: The Hangman PC         7.2
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Episode 3: The Oracle PC         7.9
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller – Game of the Year Edition PC         9.0
Cogs PC         7.5
Cogs HD PC         7.7
Coil PC          
CoilFighter PC          
Coin 'n Carry PC         6.0
Coin Crypt PC         8.0
CoinRPG PC          
Coins Dozer PC         7.0
Cold Alley PC          
Cold Blooded PC          
Cold Case Summer PC         7.0
Cold Contract PC          
Cold Fear PC          
Cold Horizon PC          
Cold Mercury PC          
Cold Storage PC          
Cold War PC          
Colin McRae 2.0 PC          
Colin McRae Rally PC         5.0
Colin McRae Rally 2005 PC          
Colin McRae: DIRT PC 2007 30 Jun 2007     8.0
Colin McRae: Dirt 2 PC 01 Dec 2009 03 Dec 2009 04 Dec 2009   8.7
Colin McRae: DiRT 3 PC 24 May 2011 Q2 2011 Q2 2011   7.1
Collapse PC Q4 2007 Q4 2007      
Collapse Blast PC          
Collapse: Devastated World PC          
Collapse: Devestated World PC          
Collaptris PC         8.0
Collateral PC          
College Carnage PC          
College Girls PC          
Colonial Conquest PC          
Colonial Wars PC          
Colonisation: Moon Base PC          
Colony Defense PC         6.1
Color PC          
Color Bind PC         7.7
Color Guardians PC         6.8
Color Infection 1 PC          
Color Infection 2 PC          
Color Instinct PC          
Color of Murder PC          
Color Symphony PC          
Color-op PC          
ColorCube PC         8.0
Coloropus PC         6.6
Colorpus PC          
Colors Party ~ Lost in Eater PC          
Colortone PC          
Colour Bind PC 24 Sep 2012       7.3
Colour My Fate PC          
Colourshift PC          
Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone PC         8.0
Columns PC          
Coma Mortuary PC          
Coma: A Mind Adventure PC          
Comatose PC          
Combat Arms PC         7.0
Combat Arms Europe PC          
Combat Arms: Line of Sight PC          
Combat Cats PC         6.0
Combat Chess PC          
Combat Core PC          
Combat Helicopter VR PC          
Combat Mission Campaigns PC          
Combat Mission Shock Force NATO PC          
Combat Mission Shock Force: British Forces PC          
Combat Mission: arbarossa to Berlin PC          
Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin PC          
Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy PC         8.0
Combat Mission: Fortress Italy PC         8.6
Combat Mission: Red Thunder PC         8.7
Combat Mission: Shock Force PC 22 Aug 2007 22 Aug 2007     7.7
Combat Monsters PC         7.7
Combat Pilot PC          
Combat Wings: Battle Of Britain PC         5.6
Combat Wings: The Great Battles of World War II PC          
Combat Wings: The Great Battles Of WWII. PC 07 Feb 2012 10 Feb 2012 10 Feb 2012    
Come Home PC          
Comedy Quest PC         8.0
Comic Book Hero: The Greatest Cape PC          
Comic Conquest PC          
comic star heroine PC          
Coming Out On Top PC         7.5
Coming Out Simulator 2014 PC         9.0
Comix Zone PC          
Command & Conquer PC          
Command & Conquer 2 PC          
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath PC         7.7
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars PC 26 Mar 2007 30 Mar 2007 27 Mar 2007 28 Mar 2007 8.1
Command & Conquer 4 PC 16 Mar 2010 19 Mar 2010 18 Mar 2010 2010 6.5
Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight PC         6.1
Command & Conquer 5 PC          
Command & Conquer Arena PC          
Command & Conquer FPS PC          
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Commander's Challenge PC          
Command & Conquer The First Decade PC          
Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Mod: Twisted Insurrection PC          
Command & Conquer: Alliances PC          
Command & Conquer: Generals PC          
Command & Conquer: Generals 2 PC 2013 2013 2013    
Command & Conquer: Red Alert PC          
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 PC          
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 PC 28 Oct 2008 31 Oct 2008 06 Nov 2008   8.1
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Empire of the Rising Sun PC          
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising PC 12 Mar 2009 31 Mar 2009 26 Mar 2009 Mar 2009 6.5
Command & Conquer: Renegade PC          
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun PC          
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm PC          
Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances PC         7.4
Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge PC          
Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour PC          
Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection PC          
Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge PC          
Command Ops: Highway to the Reich PC          
Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations PC          
commande: the great war PC          
Commander PC         7.0
Commander – Europe at War PC   20 Mar 2009     6.4
Commander Cool 2 PC          
Commander in Chief PC 20 Jan 2009       6.0
Commander in Chief: Geo-Political Simulator 2009 PC         5.7
Commander Keen PC          
Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle PC         10.0
Commander: Conquest of the Americas PC 30 Jul 2010 30 Jul 2010     7.3
Commander: Europe at War Gold PC          
Commander: the Great War PC         7.8
Commanders: Attack of the Genos PC         7.2
Commanders: Attack! PC          
Commando Jack PC         6.8
Commandos 2: Men of Courage PC          
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin PC          
Commandos 4 PC          
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines PC         7.0
Committed: Mystery at Shady Pines PC         7.0
Common Ground PC          
Community Assisted Racing Sim PC          
Community Assisted Racing Simulation PC          
Company of Heroes PC 11 Sep 2006 22 Sep 2006     8.6
Company of Heroes 2 PC 25 Jun 2013 25 Jun 2013 25 Jun 2013   8.1
Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault PC 18 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014     7.7
Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies PC 24 Jun 2014 24 Jun 2014 24 Jun 2014   8.2
Company of Heroes 2: Victory at Stalingrad PC         8.0
Company of Heroes Online PC          
Company of Heroes: Eastern Front PC          
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts PC 24 Sep 2007 28 Sep 2007     8.3
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor PC 07 Apr 2009 09 Apr 2009     7.3
Company of Heros: Tales of Valor PC         6.6
Compromised PC          
Computer PC          
Conan PC         8.5
Conceptis Puzzles PC          
Concerned Joe PC          
Concerto Gate PC          
Concerto Gate 2 PC          
Conclave PC          
Concrete Jungle PC          
Concursion PC         6.6
Condemned 3 PC          
Condemned: Criminal Origins PC 11 Apr 2006 Q1 2006      
Confederate Express PC          
Confetti Carnival PC          
Conflict of Heroes PC          
Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions PC          
Conflict: Denied Ops PC 12 Feb 2008       4.7
Conflict: Desert Storm PC         8.0
Conflict: Vietnam PC         9.0
Confrontation PC 05 Apr 2012 05 Apr 2012 05 Apr 2012   5.4
Conga Bugs PC         8.0
Congo PC          
connection PC          
Conquer Mars PC          
Conquer Online PC         6.0
Conquer Online: Kingdom War PC          
Conquest PC          
Conquest of Champions PC          
Conquest of Elysium 3 PC         8.2
Conquest of Heroes PC         5.0
Conquest! Medieval Realms PC          
Conquest: Divide and Conquer PC         6.4
Conquests of the Longbow PC          
Consortium PC         7.0
CONSORTIUM: The Tower Prophecy PC          
Conspiracy Code PC          
Conspiracy For Good PC          
Conspiracy Hunt PC          
Conspirocracy PC         7.0
Constant C PC         7.5
Constellation PC         7.0
Construct 2 PC         7.0
Construction Simulator PC          
Constructor PC          
Consuming Shadow PC          
Contact Vector PC          
ContactRealm PC          
Contagion PC          
Containment Protocol PC          
Containment: The Zombie Puzz PC         7.8
Containment: The Zombie Puzzler PC         6.0
Continent of the 9th Seal PC          
Continent of the Ninth PC          
Continent of the Ninth Seal PC          
Continental Cafe PC         6.0
continue?9876543210 PC         7.3
Continuity PC         8.0
Continuum PC          
Contra: Hard Corps PC          
Contract Work PC          
Contradiction PC          
Contraption Maker PC         7.3
Contrast PC 15 Nov 2013 15 Nov 2013 15 Nov 2013    
Control VR PC          
ControllerMAX PC         9.0
Convergence PC         10.0
Convoy PC         7.1
Convrge PC          
Coobico PC          
Cook, Serve, Delicious! PC         8.5
Cookie Clicker PC          
Cookie Domination PC         8.0
Cooking Academy PC         8.0
Cooking Academy 2 PC          
Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine PC         7.0
Cooking Academy 3: Recipe for Success PC         6.0
Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale PC         9.0
Cooking Dash PC         9.0
Cooking Dash 3: Thrills & Spills PC         8.9
Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios PC         7.0
Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals (The Unauthorized PETA Edition) PC          
Cool Christmas VR PC          
Cool School PC          
Cooler Master Sirus-C Gaming Headset PC         8.0
Cooler Master Storm Resonar PC         10.0
Cooler Master Storm Xornet PC          
Coolermaster Spawn PC         8.0
Copernicus PC          
CopperCube PC          
Coraline PC          
Cordial Minuet PC          
Core 3300 by Fractal Designs PC         9.0
Core Blaze PC          
Core Masters PC          
Core of Innocence PC          
Core Online PC          
Corewar PC          
CorgiFields PC          
Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim PC          
Coronation Street: The Mystery of The Missing Hotpot Recipe PC         6.7
Corporate Lifestyle Simulator PC         7.1
Corpse Craft PC         10.0
corpse party PC          
Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient PC          
Corpse Party Rebuilt PC          
Corridor 7: Alien Invasion PC         6.0
Corril Slayer PC          
Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting PC         8.0
Corrypt PC          
Corsair Vengeance 1500 7.1 Gaming Headset PC          
Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset PC          
Corsair Vengeance M60 PC          
Cortana PC          
Cortex Command PC 28 Sep 2012        
Corto Maltese - Secrets of Venice PC          
Corum Online PC          
Cosmic Break 2 PC          
Cosmic DJ PC         8.5
Cosmic Predator PC         6.8
Cosmic Quest: Strike PC          
Cosmic Rift PC          
Cosmic Star Heroine PC          
Cosmic Star Heroines PC          
Cosmic Sunder Elements PC         7.5
CosmicBreak PC         6.0
Cosmochoria PC         8.0
cosmology of kyoto PC          
Cosmonaut PC          
Cosmonautica PC         5.0
Cossacks 3 PC          
Costume Chaos PC         7.0
Costume Quest PC         7.7
Costume Quest 2 PC   07 Oct 2014     7.3
Cottage PC          
Couch Knight PC          
Couch Knights PC          
Cougar 500K Gaming Keyboard PC          
Cougar 700K gaming keyboard PC         8.0
Counter Strike 2 PC         8.8
Counter-Stirke Online PC          
Counter-Strike PC          
Counter-Strike 2D PC          
Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies PC         4.2
Counter-Strike Online PC          
Counter-Strike Online 2 PC          
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero PC          
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC         8.5
Counter-Strike: Source PC 16 Nov 2004        
Counter-Strike: Source Beta PC          
Counter-Strike1: Anthology PC          
Counterfeit Monkey PC         9.4
Counterstrike PC         8.9
Country Life PC          
County Fair PC         8.0
County Fair And Flower Shop: Big City Break PC         7.0
Courage PC          
Courier PC          
Courier of the Crypts PC          
Covalence PC          
Coven PC          
Covenant Without PC          
Covenge PC          
Cover Girl PC          
Cover Orange 2 PC          
Cover Orange: Journey Knights PC          
Covert Front 3: Night in Zurich PC          
Cow Clicker PC         6.0
Coyote's Tale: Fire and Water PC         6.0
Crab Cakes Rescue PC         6.0
Crackdown PC         6.0
Cradle PC          
Cradle Of Egypt PC         8.0
Cradle of Persia PC          
Cradle of Rome PC         5.8
Cradle of Rome 2 PC         9.0
Craft of Gods PC   06 Aug 2010     6.7
Craft the World PC         7.4
Crane Simulator 2009 PC         3.9
Cranky Cat PC         6.5
Crash And Burn Racing PC          
Crash Bandicoot PC         6.0
Crash Bandicoot Returns PC          
Crash Drive 2 PC          
Crash Time PC         3.5
Crash Time 2 PC          
Crash Time 3 PC         4.0
crash time 4 PC          
Crash Time 4: The Syndicate PC         5.3
Crash Time 5: Undercover PC          
Crashed Lander PC         6.0
Crasher PC         6.5
Crashers PC          
Crashtastic PC         7.7
Crater Maker PC          
Crawl PC         8.0
Crayon Chronicles PC          
Crayon Physics Deluxe PC         8.2
Crazy 4 Jigsaws PC          
Crazy Cars - Hit the Road PC          
Crazy Cats Love PC         8.0
Crazy Fairies PC         8.0
Crazy Go Nuts 2 PC          
Crazy Island Golf PC          
Crazy Machines PC         6.0
Crazy Machines 2 PC 20 Jun 2008       8.0
Crazy Machines 2 Complete PC         8.4
Crazy Machines Complete PC         6.6
Crazy Machines: Inventor’s Training Camp PC          
Crazy Pixel Streaking PC          
Crazy Shooter Online PC         2.0
Crazy Taxi PC          
Crazygame.exe PC          
Crea PC          
Creaky Old Memory PC          
Cream Wolf PC          
creat game PC          
Create PC 16 Nov 2010 19 Nov 2010     5.5
Create A Mall PC         6.5
create game PC          
Creation Engine PC          
Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D Omega Wireless 7.1 PC          
Creativerse PC          
Creatures PC          
Creatures 4 PC          
CreaVures PC         7.7
Creed, The PC          
Creeper World PC          
Creepo's Tales: Chopping Mall PC          
Creepy Castle PC          
Crest PC          
Cricket 07 PC          
Cricket 14 PC          
Cricket Captain 2014 PC         6.5
Cricket Coach 2009 PC         8.1
Cricket Coach 2010 PC   02 Jul 2010     7.8
Cricket Coach 2011 PC          
Cricket Coach 2012 PC          
Cricket Heroes PC          
Cricket Life 1 PC 2012 2012 2012 Apr 2011  
Cricket Power PC         8.0
Cricket Revolution PC Oct 2009 23 Oct 2009 12 Dec 2009   5.6
CricVille PC          
Crime and Punishment: Who Framed Raskolnikov? PC          
Crime City PC         8.0
CRIMEA PC          
CrimeCraft PC 25 Aug 2009 Mar 2009     4.9
CrimeCraft: Bleedout PC         7.8
CrimeCraft: GangWars PC          
Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes PC         7.7
Crimes of War PC          
Criminal Case PC          
Criminal Connection PC          
Criminal Girls Busse PC          
Criminal Minds PC         7.3
Crimsonland PC         7.3
Crimzon Clover PC          
Crimzon Clover: World Ignition PC         8.4
Crisis 2015 PC          
Crisis 3 PC          
Crisis in the Kremlin PC          
Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle PC          
Critical Mass PC         9.0
Critter Crunch PC         10.0
Critter Forge PC          
Critter Island PC          
Criware PC          
Cro-Mag Rally PC          
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos PC          
Croixleur PC         6.4
Croixleur Sigma PC         6.6
Cronix PC          
Cronous PC          
Crookz PC          
Crop Defenders PC          
Cross City PC         4.0
Cross Days PC          
Cross Fire PC         6.5
Cross of the Dutchman PC          
Cross Reverie PC          
Cross Tribe PC          
Cross-Side PC          
Crossblock PC          
CrossCode PC          
Crossfire PC         7.5
Crossfire 2 PC          
Crossing Souls PC          
Crossing the Line PC          
Crossout PC          
Crossworlds: The Flying City PC         6.8
Crow Regime PC          
Crowdstar's It Girl PC         6.0
Crowfall PC          
Crown of Glory PC          
Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition PC          
Crown of the Gods PC          
Crowns of Power PC          
Crowntakers PC         6.3
Crudelis PC          
Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood PC         6.0
Crumpled PC          
Crunchball 3000 PC          
Crunching Koalas PC          
Crusade PC          
Crusade Of Destiny PC         6.0
Crusader Kings PC          
Crusader Kings 2 PC 14 Feb 2012 14 Feb 2012 14 Feb 2012   8.4
Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne PC         8.5
Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome PC 16 Oct 2012       8.0
Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India PC         8.0
Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham PC 18 Nov 2013 18 Nov 2013 18 Nov 2013 18 Nov 2013 7.6
Crusader Kings II: Sunset Invasion PC          
Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam PC         9.1
Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods PC         9.2
Crusader Kings II: The Republic PC         8.8
Crusader Kings II: Way of Life PC         7.5
Crusader: No Remorse PC          
Crusaders Of Solaria PC          
Crusaders: Invasion of Constantinople PC          
Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come PC          
Crush PC          
Crushd PC          
Cry of Fear PC 24 Apr 2013       7.2
Cry of the Infected PC 08 Apr 2008 08 Apr 2008     4.7
Cryamore PC          
Cryengine PC          
CryEngine 2 PC          
Cryengine 3 PC          
Crying is not Enough PC          
Cryostasis PC Q4 2007 Q4 2007     7.2
Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason PC 21 Apr 2009 20 Feb 2009     6.9
Crypt of the NecroDancer PC         9.0
Crypt Run PC          
Cryptex of Time PC         8.0
Cryptic Canvas PC         8.0
cryptozookeeper PC          
Crysis PC 16 Nov 2007       9.0
Crysis - Warhead PC 16 Sep 2008 19 Sep 2008 18 Sep 2008   8.6
Crysis 2 PC 22 Mar 2011 24 Mar 2011 25 Mar 2011    
Crysis 2 Mods PC         8.5
Crysis 2(rumor) PC          
Crysis 3 PC 19 Feb 2013 21 Feb 2013 21 Feb 2013 21 Feb 2013  
Crysis 4 PC          
Crysis Wars PC         9.0
Crysis Wars EX PC          
Crystal Arena PC          
Crystal Catacombs PC         7.5
Crystal Conquest PC          
Crystal Gun Girl PC          
Crystal Kingdom PC          
Crystal Rift PC          
Crystal Saga PC         7.5
CryZone PC          
CSI NY - The Game PC         5.7
CSI: Crime City PC          
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence PC 25 Sep 2007 Q3 2007     6.0
CSI: Dark Motives PC          
CSI: Deadly Intent PC 20 Oct 2009       5.9
CSI: Fatal Conspiracy PC 26 Oct 2010 29 Oct 2010 Oct 2010   4.5
CSI: Hard Evidence PC         5.0
CSI: Hidden Crimes PC          
CSI: Miami Heat Wave PC         6.6
CSI: NY PC 18 Nov 2008 30 Jan 2009     5.8
CSI: Unsolved! PC          
CSS SCI FI: Hardlined PC          
CSS SCI FI: Hardwired PC          
Cthulhu Saves the World PC         8.6
Cthulhu Saves the World All-Stars PC          
Cthulu Saves The World PC         9.0
CTRacer PC          
Cuarentazo PC          
Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love PC         6.9
Cube 2: Sauerbraten PC          
Cube and Me PC          
Cube Cube Cube PC          
Cube Root PC          
Cube World PC          
Cubelands PC          
Cubemen PC         6.6
Cubemen 2 PC         7.5
CubeSync PC          
Cubetractor PC         7.9
Cubic Castles PC         5.2
Cubicity PC         6.1
Cubis Gold 2 PC         8.0
Cubistry PC         8.0
Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot PC          
Cubot PC         8.0
Cuck's Ducks PC          
Cue Online PC          
Culina PC          
Culpa Innata PC 02 Nov 2007       7.5
Culpa Innata 2 PC          
Cult and Daggers PC          
Cult of the Wind PC         5.0
Cult of Wind PC          
Cult: Awakening of the Old Ones PC          
Cults & Daggers PC         6.4
Cultures Online PC         5.9
Cultures: Northland PC          
Cupcake Corner PC         6.5
Cuphead PC          
Curfew PC          
Curiosity PC         6.0
Curious Expeditions PC          
Curiouser and Curiouser PC          
Curse PC          
Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls PC         9.0
Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure PC         8.5
Curse of Slate Rock Manor PC         7.0
Curse of the Nordic Cove PC         4.8
Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet PC         8.0
Curse of the Pharoah: Napolean's Secret PC         8.0
Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman PC         6.5
Cursed Memories: Secret of Agony Creek PC         6.0
Cursed Mountain PC   05 Feb 2010     5.6
Cursed Sight PC          
Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat PC         8.5
Cursor Times Ten PC          
Custer's Revenge PC          
Custom Maid 3D PC          
CustomPlay Golf 2009 PC          
CustomPlay Golf 2010 PC         4.7
Cut the Rope PC          
Cute Knight PC          
Cute Knight Kingdom PC 13 Nov 2009       7.0
Cute Things Dying Violently PC         8.7
Cyber Heist PC          
Cyber Monster PC         8.6
Cyber Monster II PC          
Cyber Space PC          
Cyber-Chicken PC          
Cyber-Wing PC          
Cyberia 2: Resurrection PC          
Cyberith Virtualizer PC          
Cyberphobia PC          
CyberPower Zeus Hercules Gaming Laptop PC          
CyberPowerPC Fang Battlebox PC          
CyberPowerPC Fang Taipan M2 PC          
CyberPowerPC Hadron Air PC          
CyberPowerPC Hadron Hydro PC          
CyberPowerPC Syber PC          
CyberPowerPC ZeusBook Ultimate PC          
Cyberpunk PC          
Cyberpunk 2077 PC          
Cyberpunk 3776 PC          
Cyborg M.M.O. 7 PC         9.5
Cyborg R.A.T. M Gaming Mouse PC         9.0
Cyborg Strike 7 Gaming Keyboard PC          
Cyclomaniacs Epic PC          
Cyclomite PC          
Cyclopean PC          
Cylne PC          
Cypher PC         5.3
Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure PC          
CYPHER: Cyberpunk Text Adventure PC         6.0
Cyphers PC         8.0
Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning PC         2.0
Cyscape PC          
CyWee Z PC