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EA Need To Stop Messing With Pre-Order Bonuses

1021 days 3 hours ago By: fozzness | Opinion piece | PC |
GamingUnion: "Remember when pre-ordering something used to be fun? You'd be guaranteed a little poster, an art book, perhaps the soundtrack for the game if you were particularly lucky. It was a fairly simple trade-off for everyone involved, the developer/publisher got what was generally a guaranteed sale and the average gamer would walk away with some sweet bonus loot for financially declaring their love for the game in advance. Not to say that there wasn't a potential for error somewhere in there. There was always the chance that a store may accidentally be shipping too few copies of a pre-order bonus, or there was too much demand leading to a swap for a different bonus. EA's just taken things to the next progressive level: canceling the pre-order bonus altogether after getting massive interest in their game as a result of the initial incentive."