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Diablo Lore Book Coming Out Alongside Diablo III Release

1247 days 1 hour ago By: GamePodunk | Article | PC |
GP Editor, Marcus Estrada writes, "While Blizzard still hasn't offered up a release date for Diablo III they have at least let out a little info about the series. During their Comic-Con panel (which encompassed Starcraft and Warcraft primarily) Blizzard's senior VP, Chris Metzen, spoke about a Diablo compendium. The book isn't going to be a dry synopsis of the world and characters either. The book is going to take the form of Deckard Cain's journal. Cain is an important NPC in both Diablo I and II who is a knowledgeable elder in the world. Players could come to Cain to identify basically any item. It seems Cain's expansive knowledge is a perfect fit for a book all about the Diablo franchise."