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Death By Robots - Feature: Diablo III, Diabno III – A Fan’s Plea for a Release Date

1341 days 11 hours ago By: littlejuicebox | Opinion piece | Dev |
Ed Wilson @ DBR writes: When I mention the game Diablo what do you think of? ‘God Ed those games are ancient’? ‘Oh, the enemy of the Fantastic Four?’ ‘That awesome death-metal band from Finland?’ Or, if you’re like me, ‘when the *insert profanity* is Diablo III coming out?!’

Diablo III was first announced in gold old days of summer 2008 (don’t start Duke Nukem fans). It is now April 2011 and Blizzard has almost definitely confirmed there will be no game released in 2011, leaving us hack’n’slash fans an agonising wait into the unknown realms of 2012… at the very least!