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Problems Beyond The Final Fantasy VII PC Release Mistake

1058 days 12 hours ago By: lahnaloo | News | PC |
I am sure a lot of you have already heard about a page going up on the official Square-Enix page, that Final Fantasy VII was live and ready to be purchased. Bloggers went crazy, announcing that, It's here! Word got out, and people were plastering articles on the web or announcing it on Facebook. A page like that just doesn't go unnoticed. Only a short while later, the page was taken down and all links resulted in a 404 error page.

Though it was a mistake on Square-Enix's part, probably mainly whoever was working on the site over the weekend, a lot of problems have arose for early purchasers.

Those who purchased it were unable to redeem their serial code, or get a refund. This was later addressed for most people. However some are having problems after uninstalling it. Those who are trying to uninstall the game are having SecuRom and DRM issues, that are causing further problems with their PCs.