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How Re-Releases Fail to Preserve Some of Metal Gear's Distinct Charms

1091 days 9 hours ago By: ssb3173 | Article | GameCube |
For a series as popular as Metal Gear, it sure is filled with things you don't expect to see in such a big franchise, whether it be a dramatic subversion of players' expectations or frequent breaking of the fourth wall. Rather than do the latter merely for the sake of winking at the camera, Kojima and company have made great use of the fourth wall to bring a unique charm to the series that is rarely, if ever, found elsewhere.

Unfortunately, much in the same way as Metal Gear Solid 2's con job will not be as effective for someone playing the game for the first time now or in the future as it was for those who played it in 2001, some of those charms may be lost or poorly transitioned as the older titles in the series are ported to more modern platforms. Whether as a result of digital distribution or playing the game on platforms other than the one they were originally designed for, the full Metal Gear experience may forever be restricted to those with access to the original version...